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Sentence structure is at an appropriate level for a college freshman course. The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. The content is based on business/personal business examples that are culturally unbiased. The textbook appears to be very accurate in that the directions provided in each of the assignments appear to be.

While the figures shown utilize Excel 2019, the textbook was written to be applicable to other versions of Excel as well. The book introduces new users to the basics of spreadsheets and is appropriate for students in any major who have not used Excel before. This textbook includes instructions for Excel for Mac also. The scope and sequence of the material is sufficiently detailed…

Microsoft Excel — Improve your skills quickly

Other entry-level skills include the ability to use conditional formatting to automatically format cells and knowledge of various keyboard shortcuts. It is comprehensive and covers a wide spectrum of important spreadsheet software topics. I was a little disappointed that this book does not include a table of contents nor does it include a glossary. I was particularly appreciative of the level of specific detail that the author used in describing even the most basic of steps. One of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard from students who use technology textbooks is that authors sometimes assume that students know more than they actually do.

  • I will employ some of the content in my course content but because some BI are missing I will have to combine this material with another.
  • Online Excel courses may explore how to set up an Excel sheet, perform basic calculations, use formulas, and create data visualizations with charts and graphs.
  • The text was broken down into appropriate skill sets for the reader to grasp.
  • The graphics are displayed well with limited use of colors and extraneous material.

This book covers all basics I would cover in a first and second semester MS Excel course. The modules are easy to follow and are in a sensible order for the learner. Each chapter has good written descriptions augmented with screen captures that provide scaffolding of skills as the learner goes from one chapter to the next.

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Cultural references do not apply to this textbook on MS Excel. The examples used in the text appear to be from a wide range of gender, race, and ethnicity. Multiple images, figures, and Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons charts use abbreviations. Currently MS Excel 2019 is available, soon to be something even newer. MS Excel does not change that much year to year so this book is still fairly relevant.

Can I learn MS Excel in 2 days?

Although it's possible to gain a basic understanding of Excel's interface and core functions in just a few hours, it can require additional time and study to master its more complex capabilities. It takes most Excel users approximately 18-20 hours to fully learn this spreadsheet application.

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