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Cyber security stocks

This assumes that an organization will be compromised and that cybersecurity systems need to be more comprehensive, such as with response and recovery to breaches. “What Fortinet does well is that it offers multiple security functions on one platform at an attractive price as a bundle,” said Hendi Susanto, portfolio manager at Gabelli Funds. Qualys (QLYS, $124.31) is a provider of a comprehensive suite of cloud-based security and compliance solutions.

Lisa’s Market Movers: Top Moving Stocks This Morning 5/22 – Bloomberg

Lisa’s Market Movers: Top Moving Stocks This Morning 5/22.

Posted: Mon, 22 May 2023 12:03:20 GMT [source]

The Biden administration banned new equipment from China’s Huawei and ZTE in November last year on the grounds they posed an “unacceptable risk” to cybersecurity. ET after Beijing’s latest move, with its Frankfurt-listed shares slipping the same amount Monday morning. See our Cybersecurity Stocks theme for a complete list of the companies in our theme and a look at their recent performance. In the latest major release of its cloud software, there were more than 150 new features. A strong identity system is certainly a must-have for security and CyberArk’s solution has the kinds of functions that enterprises need. The move to a hybrid workforce means there is demand for securing external systems and applications.

Absolute Software (ABST)

On the other side, the stock price for Qualys
a company that provides cloud security, compliance, and related services, remains down by about 18% this year, as its guidance for this fiscal year was weaker than expected. The underlying foundation of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is massive. Every day, it processes more than 280 billion transactions and prevents 9 billion security violations.

Cyber security stocks

However, like any investment, there are pros and cons to investing in the cybersecurity industry. Cyber security investment has become increasingly important for organizations across all industries as cyber threats continue to grow and evolve. With the rise of cloud computing, mobile devices and other emerging technologies, companies and individuals need more than traditional security solutions to protect against modern cyber threats. When considering how to identify the best cybersecurity stocks, remember that cloud-native companies have a natural competitive advantage with the latest software technology.

Cleaner Tech

Within our theme, Fortinet, a company that provides cybersecurity-related hardware and software, has been the strongest performer, rising by about 37% year-to-date driven by stronger than expected earnings in recent quarters. Qualys has been bolstering its AI capabilities, which should help with growth – and keep QLYS among the best cybersecurity stocks. In October, the company acquired the assets of Blue Hexagon, “an AI/ML innovator of Cloud Threat Detection and Response solutions,” according to the press release. The company has developed systems to detect patterns and provide insights – in massive data sets – for advanced network threats and risk assessments.

  • Consider diversifying your portfolio by investing in multiple cybersecurity companies or through cybersecurity ETFs or mutual funds.
  • It manages all IT assets for any endpoint, whether on-premises, cloud or mobile.
  • As hackers become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks and technology becomes more pervasive, the need for effective cybersecurity solutions has grown.
  • Admittedly, though, for this relevance, investors are paying a bit of a premium, especially as the company’s financial and profitability strengths are middle of the road.

Regardless of the method chosen, investing in the cybersecurity industry can provide opportunities for growth because some of the top-rated tech stocks on Marketbeat are cybersecurity-related. This shift aims to enable them to remain relevant in an increasingly complex and dynamic security landscape. Companies spend billions of dollars annually protecting data from breaches and phishing schemes. With that said, cybersecurity awareness training generally does not come to mind as an important piece of the solution.

Fortinet, Inc. (NASDAQ:FTNT)

I find this odd, especially since 95% of all breaches are made possible due to human error. KnowBe4 (KNBE), a security awareness training company that simulates phishing attacks to educate employees and prevent social engineering cybercrime, can help solve this problem. KnowBe4 is an extremely scalable solution that focuses on an underpenetrated market within the cybersecurity universe, the human layer. The company leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to create automated training campaigns with detailed reporting and analytics for decision makers.

  • Analysts say a new wave of startups is taking share from industry incumbents.
  • But, unlike Palo Alto Networks’ acquisition spree, Fortinet has invested in its organic development of cloud security to remain competitive.
  • Akamai is a leader in this sector and is also a developer of edge computing technology, which pulls data away from centralized data centers and closer to end users.
  • New and emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain offer many benefits but also introduce new risks and challenges.
  • Billings, a key sales growth metric, disappointed for TENB stock and CHKP stock.

Its solutions include single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, directory services and lifecycle management. “Attacks continue to rise in frequency and are getting sophisticated,” said Tejas Dessai, AVP and research analyst at Global X. The opportunity for Palo Alto and CrowdStrike to continue growing over the coming years is enormous. The global Cyber security stocks cybersecurity market was valued at nearly $222 billion in 2022 and could climb to $650 billion by 2030, according to Next Move Strategy Consulting. That massive opportunity should be front of mind even with temporary share price swings along the way. In this article, we will discuss the 15 best cybersecurity stocks to buy heading into 2023.

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